About HTML Email Designs

HTML Email Designs is one of the first showcases of its kind. While there are many galleries dedicated to CSS websites and design, the email arena is something often overlooked by designers, developers, and business owners alike. As with a traditional website that utilizes semantic markup and CSS to control layout and presentation, HTML emails have their own set of rules to follow. Cross-browser compatibility seems like childs play compared to what email designers have to face - namely, all the different email clients and online services that must be tested. It's a daunting task to ensure that all the emails display as intended across all of these platforms.

Generally, an email designer would stick with one or two tried and true templates that are marked up according to specification. All that would be changed are the header, two columns of content, and footer. Rarely do they step outside of this layout which results in boring and mundane looking emails. HTML Email Designs intends to showcase the work of those designers who dare step out from the ordinary and create beautiful pieces of work rarely seen in the email space. We will put together the best email creations from submissions and from our own findings, in order to provide our viewers with inspiration and ideas to create their own email design masterpieces.

If you have an email design you would like to submit, go here. Thanks for visiting and we hope you enjoy your stay.